NOOR Society for People with Disability is a Palestinian non-governmental and non-profit organization
based in the Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem. The Society was established in 2015 on the hands of
a group of mothers who have children suffering from different kinds of disabilities.
The Society has been registered as a Palestinian NGO at the Palestinian Ministry of Interior on July 12th
2016 and is holding the number BL – 3394 – C.

As a new Palestinian community rehabilitation specialized NGO, NOOR will be leading the rehabilitation
and care of the people with disability related aspects in cooperation with the UNRWA and other
NOOR activities and programs will be continuously developing to meet the relevant needs and priorities
of the Palestinian community in the Aida and Al-Azzah (Beit Jibreen) camps, taking into consideration the
Palestinian disability plans and the international disability guidelines and measures.

It will also undertake the main part of services through community rehabilitation, disability awareness and
promoting household activities. They are aimed at improving the health and rehabilitation status of
persons with disability regardless of their genders, ages and their type of disability, as well as raising the
awareness of household members especially mothers and the community on disability, the disabled and
their rights.
Besides, NOOR will be entitled to providing supportive educational activities for school students who face
learning difficulties or with low achievements

The work of NOOR is performed on daily care basis and implemented through specific activities including
assessment, support and special care activities.
NOOR target population is the vulnerable sector of children and adults disadvantaged by disability,
learning difficulties and other health disorders related to disability. NOOR has been working with them 5
years before it obtained its registration in 2015.

Vision : People with disabilities of Aida and Al-Azzah refugee camps live in dignity with equal
rights and get different support to change there mentality, their lifestyle and medical
support: awareness sessions of different diseases and the way of avoiding these

Mission : To enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities through efforts to:

1.Services provisions :
● Medical services( center and home based)
● Rehabilitation services( center and home based) :

  1. PT( Physiotherapy sessions)
  2. OT ( occupational therapy sessions)
  3. Pss ( Mental health and Perceived Stress Scale )
  4. OS( Osteopathy sessions)
  5. ST( Speech therapy sessions)
  6. Autism and difficult learning sessions
  1. Raise awareness sessions for community .
  2. Train activist: in the society to be able to teach people the trainings that we
    taught to them after finishing their training our and be able to talk about diseases and
    the way that we can help to encourage people to get train like them.

Obj. 1 Support, advocate and protect people with disability through awareness campaigns,
meetings and workshops.
Obj. 2 Raise the local community level of awareness about the rights of the disabled and
highlight their needs.
Obj. 3 Provide rehabilitation and teaching process directed at working out of compensation
adaptability to environment, preparing for independent life and work.
Obj. 4 Provide them with vocational training to increase their work chances to promote selfsufficiency to become independent and reliable.

Obj. 5 Maintain the integrity of sustainable projects and programs that include the continuity
of the NOOR society and provide services to the needy from the people with
Obj. 6 Develop and demonstrate counseling techniques and career development strategies
to assist people with disabilities in establishing the skills they need to participate
actively in all aspects of society.
Obj. 7 Promote mothers and household members’ awareness on how to take care and deal
with handicapped children at homes and know reasons behind disability and early
discovery of it, and how to do the physiotherapy for them.